Study: Value Orientation in Project Management in North America

What’s your value level?
Do your projects perform on a high standard?

Value orientation in Project Management: What’s the level of maturity of your team or organization? It’s a question of increasing importance!

On what level are you managing projects and how does the customer fit into the picture?

We invite you to join a scientific study about value levels in project management in North America. We determine the value orientation in project management by surveying project managers from diverse areas and industries.

The underlying model is the “9 Levels of Value Systems”. The 9 Levels Model is based on the findings of Clare W. Graves (spiral dynamics). The 9 Levels for Value systems model outlines the development of value systems in individuals, groups and organizations.

The result of this research will be published.

Starting the survey:

  • Enter the access code under the following address:
  • Your 12-digit access code: 25ZQ-HU3D-OMW8
  • Please complete the questionnaire with a focus on your role as
    • An employed project manager OR
    • A project manager under contract

It takes around 10 minutes on a computer or tablet.

After choosing your language you will be redirected to the questionnaire. The statistical information are surveyed for scientific reasons. We are not able to attribute it to a person. Please also choose a role that you are working in. Evaluate the statements according to your personal values without hesitating. Leave the slider on the far left if you completely disagree with a statement. Pull the slider to the far right if you completely agree with a statement.

The order of the questions is randomly generated. It is not possible to go back to a prior page.

Thank you for your participation.
Jürgen Ruff